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Disciplines and Scientific Research

  The university insists on the leading position of discipline building and the keystone position of scientific research. Adhering to such discipline construction principle as to “set boundaries for ourselves, intensify key points and give prominence to features”, the university has paid much attention to the construction of disciplines at and above provincial level. Now, it has 11 key disciplines (laboratories) at provincial level; in particular, four disciplines have been selected into the strengthening project of key disciplines at university level.

The Twelfth Five-Year Plan TCM Key Discipline,SATCM

Integrated Tradional Chinese and Western clinical Medicine

Key Disciplines (Laboratories) at Provincial Level at the Binzhou Medical University

Key Disciplines (Laboratories) at Provincial Level

Key Disciplines (Laboratories) at Provincial Level

Medical Immunology


Clinical Stomatology

Human anatomy and Histoembryology

Clinical Nutrition Support Center

Pathology and Pathophysiology

Laboratory of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

Imaging and Nuclear Medicine (Intensified construction with characteristics)

Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Cancer

Medical Biotechnology Laboratory (Intensified construction)

Center of Research on Medical Humanities


The university pays much attention to the mutual improvement and concerted development, employing the strategy of “prospering the university with scientific research”. For recent five years, it has undertaken 1,181scientific research projects, gained373awards at and above the level of leading role of departments or equivalents, and published 294 monographs and textbooks and 3,098 academic treatises. In particular, 1,120 of such treatises were published in key periodicals.

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